Multi-Fun Talks @ Formnext 2023

▪️ Event: MULTI-FUN Project Talks
▪️ Date: November 9th
▪️ Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM 📅
▪️ Venue: Portalhaus, Level Via, Room Frequenz 1

We're thrilled to announce "Multi-fun Talks", where we delve into the world of product integrations and innovative software partnerships.
Join us as we explore how these dynamic solutions address customer pain points.

Get ready to explore the cutting edge of additive manufacturing as we delve into the world of Wire+Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM).

Dr. Martina and WAAM3D, a trailblazing company from Cranfield University, are transforming the industry with their innovative technology.
Don't miss this unique opportunity to gain insights from a true visionary in the field.
Dr. Martina will share experiences that have redefined the possibilities in manufacturing.

Andrew Sartorelli, our distinguished speaker, is the Product Manager for Integrations and the Software Partnership Lead. With a passion for bringing cutting-edge solutions to market, he is dedicated to solving customer challenges using internally developed innovations.

Tiago Núncio is a Technical Engineer and Project Manager at FAN 3D, a Portuguese additive manufacturing company. With a strong engineering background, Tiago oversees manufacturing processes and project management, contributing to FAN3D's success in the AM market.

Tomasz Nasiłowski, Founder and CEO of InPhoTech, a leading Polish technology company implementing innovative fiber optic solutions into the industry. He obtained a PhD in physics from the Warsaw University of Technology and a habilitated doctor from the Jagiellonian University.

Michael Kitzmantel, in 2010 Michael founded the high-tech company RHP-Technology GmbH together with Erich Neubauer from the research group “Powder Technology Center” of the then Austrian Research Center.
His current research interests focus on powder technology of high-performance materials, micro-injection molding of metals and ceramics as well as new generative manufacturing technologies such as FFF for metal and ceramics as well as XXL 3D printing (PMD). Michael Kitzmantel initiates and works in several national and international research projects.

Marc Crescenti is an industrial engineer specialized in mechanical engineering at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.
He also holds a master’s degree focused on design and simulation of composite material structures at AMADE Research Group. His scientific and technical expertise is focused on design, analysis and optimization of composite material and additively manufactured structures, implementing specific methods such as the FEM, generative design or topology optimization. His scientific background also includes papers, awards and patents.
He is the inventor of the CFIP technology and in 2022 co-founded Reinforce3D being the CTO.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights, network with industry experts, and stay at the forefront of technology trends.
Save the date and join us on November 9, 2023, at Portalhaus, Franjfurt - Germany.

Mark your calendars and secure your spot, HERE!

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