Multi-Fun TALKS @ Formnext 2023

▪️ Event: MULTI-FUN Talks
▪️ Date: November 9th

On 9th November MULTI-FUN Project consortium hosted the MULTI-FUN Talks at Formnext.
It was a great share of inspiring experiences where the different journeys in Additive Manufacturing were presented!

WAAM3D, Synera, InPhoTech, RHP, FAN 3D & REINFORCE3D showed their motivation in Additive Manufacturing, the growth they experienced, the hard work behind the scenes, the expected … and the unexpected of running a business in AM field.

Thanks a lot: Filomeno Martina, Andrew Sartorelli, Michael Kitzmantel, Tiago Núncio, Tomasz Nasiłowski, and Marc Crescenti.

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